Building Partner Capacity

Working hand-in-hand with local activists to achieve mutual goals.

All of our programs are developed with and implemented by local partners to ensure they are tailored to and driven by the communities we serve.

We are immensely grateful for these close partnerships. We prioritize building the capacity of such dynamic grassroots organizations.

For example, in conjunction with USAID, our Our Sisters Read program reached 10,000 students in Senegal with 10,000 reading materials and activities to improve early grade reading. As a result, our longtime partner was able to receive direct funding from USAID.

We increase partner organizations' capacity through:

Engaging communities for lasting change.

We use a strategy that engages students, parents, and entire communities in addressing the complex issue of girls’ access to education.

These meetings in rural villages promote the benefits of educating girls and address underlying attitudes towards this goal. With a greater appreciation for and understanding of the positive outcomes of education for girls, our outreach has proven that communities are now more willing to support their daughters in school and to celebrate their academic successes.

We work hand-in-hand with respected local leaders to ensure projects are tailored to, and driven by, the communities that we serve.