Sine-Saloum region; Local partner: FEMME Plus; Programs: scholarship, tutoring, mentoring, health prevention, adult literacy, community awareness


Tharaka region; Local partner: Tharaka Women’s Welfare Project (TWWP); Programs: scholarship, tutoring, mentoring, after-school, adult literacy, alternative rite of passage

Women’s Global Education Project believes education for girls—especially for those in the remote, rural areas of the world—is one of the most effective ways to fight global poverty.

WGEP was founded in 2003 by returned Peace Corps volunteer Amy Maglio after serving in rural Senegal and seeing firsthand the many barriers there that kept girls from going to school. WGEP works to address the complex barriers—economic, cultural and social—keeping girls out of school and uses a multi-tiered approach that includes scholarship support, family involvement and community awareness to help more girls go to and succeed in school.


WGEP now works in 65 villages in rural Senegal and Kenya. By partnering with local, community-based partners, WGEP ensures that our programs are tailored to, led by and owned by the communities we serve.


WGEP’s “About Us” Document

WGEP’s 2016 Annual Report

WGEP’s 2015 Annual Report


The Sisters to School Program
Through need-based scholarships, student and family support programs and community awareness initiatives, the goal of WGEP’s cornerstone Sisters to School program is to get more girls to school and help them succeed there.
The Sisters Read Program
Based on the success of Sisters to School and in partnership with USAID, WGEP’s expansion program works to improve literacy in Senegal’s rural Fatik region. Using comprehensive literacy education, the goal of Our Sisters Read is to increase literacy skills among primary school readers and instill a lifelong love for reading and learning. Our Sisters Read also works to increase access to books and technology in the region. Due to the success of Our Sisters Read in Senegal, WGEP implemented the program in Kenya as well!