Holistic Model

Giving the most hard-to-reach girls

everything they need

to succeed

Learn how our interventions help girls reach their full potential.

Identifying girls with the most economic need and eliminating the stress school fees can put on a family in poverty

Reducing absences from school by equipping adolescent girls with reproductive health knowledge, disease prevention, and healthy decision making skills

Assisting our scholars as they face cultural norms while forging their own empowered path

Helping girls enter adulthood in the eyes of their community while avoiding early marriage, pregnancy, and violence that puts her life at risk. 

Equipping young women with knowledge and real-world skills to stop the cycle of gender-based violence in their communities and homes

Empowering girls to become the next generation of change agents in their communities

Fostering a lifelong love of reading with and literacy activities both in the classroom and at home

Bringing libraries to villages where no such resources exist

Reaching girls during school breaks to equip them with technical skills to broaden their horizons and open new career possibilities

Building the capacity of local teachers to deliver high quality education

Educated women are more likely to send their own children to school, be more active in their communities, and be advocates for other women and girls

Shifting the cultural paradigm toward gender equality by raising awareness and building community-wide support

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This 360° support is only possible because of people like you.