Girls’ Education & Leadership

62 million girls

worldwide are out of school

depriving them of essential skills needed for independence and for them to contribute to community development.

The Our Sisters To School Program

We design and implement activities targeting girls, boys, parents and entire communities to support girls' education.

Mouse over to learn how the Sisters To School program breaks down barriers to girls' education:​

Barrier: Poverty

Solution: Scholarships and financial support

We identify girls who are most at risk of dropping out and most in need of financial support. We cover the cost of essentials like: academic fees, food, clothing, books, room and board, hygiene items such as menstrual pads, and tutoring for crucial grade-level exams.
Why Girls' Education?

Barrier: Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C)

Solution: Alternative Rite of Passage

Workshops on growing up healthy + thoughtful community outreach replace the harmful traditional practice. Girls are able to stay in school and decide for themselves when they're ready to marry and start a family.
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Barrier: Lack of Social Support

Solution: After School Clubs & Community Meetings

At after-school clubs, girls and boys discuss issues such as the right to education and development, protection from harmful practices, income generating activities, and how gender equality benefits all. We believe that community involvement is essential to creating lasting change.
How We Engage Communities

Barrier: Health-Related Absences

Solution: Health Education

Our workshops on reproductive health, STI and HIV prevention, and gender-based violence give girls the knowledge and skills they need to stay healthy and avoid dropping out of school. Our scholars have fewer health-related absences, and 100% of them went on to the next grade level in 2017.
Our Holistic Approach

The Our Sisters Lead Program

This year, we will be partnering with the U.S. Embassy in Senegal to create our third program, Our Sisters Lead.

Emerging leaders among high school girls in Sokone will be empowered to become change agents in their own communities through a series of workshops and hands-on service projects. These inspiring young women will then become mentors and role models to young girls who face similar challenges in their everyday lives.

We are so excited to see what these leaders do next!