Young Professionals Board

WGEP’s Young Professionals Board (YPB) was formed in March 2015 by a dedicated group of WGEP volunteers.

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About the Board

The WGEP Young Professionals board is a diverse group interested in global development and gender equality. We are dedicated to supporting education for girls and young women to fight poverty in the most impoverished communities, particularly rural, sub-Saharan Africa.

Young professionals can learn about the impact of empowering young people through education, and the benefits to communities and families, from WGEP partners on the ground. They can also join in unique fundraising and social networking events. This is a singular opportunity to connect to development issues in Africa and have an immediate impact.

Events, like Drinks for Girls Education, On the Table, and Eats for Education, provide young professionals the opportunity to have fun, meet new people, and support critical work.

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Meet the Board:


Nina Bassole


Hannah Bonecutter

Hannah Bonecutter is an accomplished young woman with high aspirations and immense dedication. While earning her Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Hannah became a licensed professional educator in Illinois. Since then, Hannah has taught and privately tutored students in all subjects and across all ages from infants to high schoolers. She also has experience teaching in a variety of different settings, including urban, suburban, private, and public. Although Hannah always desired to inspire people, and indeed found a way to do this regularly through her teaching, she also longed to be a successful entrepreneur with a business of her own. So in 2015, Hannah officially began her own professional organizing business called BoneClutter. BoneClutter provides peace and efficiency to its clients by professionally organizing their objects, data, and/or time. Yet, Hannah Bonecutter’s deep passions do not stop there, as she always had a knack for acting and modeling. Hannah has been acting on film since she graduated in 2013 in several large television shows such as Empire as well as local, independent films such as Bloodlines. Hannah Bonecutter has served as a promotional model for various products featured at popular events as well as a fashion model in digital fashion shows for retail companies such as Goodwill Inc. Hannah states that her mission in life is “to be a light of exposure and inspiration.” Whether she is teaching students in a classroom, professionally organizing a client’s home, or acting on the big screen, she strives to always be achieving this mission and improving this world to become a much better place.


Lisa Floran

Lisa is currently a Program Associate at Get IN Chicago, a private philanthropic fund dedicated to youth violence reduction support and research. From 2011-2013, she served as a preventive health educator with Peace Corps Senegal, where she worked on a new community health initiative for teenage dropouts with Plan International and led gender development projects with the volunteer-led organization, SeneGAD. Additionally, during her time as an undergraduate at Notre Dame, she had the opportunity to work with a women’s rights organization in Uganda and study the role of language in advocacy for human rights campaigns. In her free time, she can often be found performing at standup or storytelling events, doing yoga outside, or planning her next vacation.

Amelia Garza

Amelia works at the University of Chicago in Alumni Relations and Development as an Assistant Director for Global Engagement. In her role, she manages the Alumni Boards in the US southern states and Latin America. She started at UChicago after receiving her masters at Texas Woman’s University and her bachelors at Augustana College. During her summers growing up, she worked at Camp For All–a camp for children and adults with special needs and challenging diseases. She continues to fight for social justice issues concerning: education, women and minority issues, and immigration.

Audrey Huzenis

Audrey worked in finance for more than eight years in business development strategy and management. She graduated from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business Bachelor’s program (’06) and then moved to New York to work for Credit Suisse through early 2014, predominantly in their Alternative Investments Distribution Strategy and COO team.  She grew up in Chicago, attending Chicago City Day School and St. Ignatius College Prep. She has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and traveled extensively, including Tanzania. She currently splits time between New York and Chicago.


Katherine Koller

Katherine serves as the Chicago Development Manager for Peer Health Exchange, a nonprofit that trains college student volunteers to teach health education to 9th graders in underresourced public schools. In this role, Katherine is responsible for supporting the Chicago Executive Director in managing the local, individual, and institutional giving portfolios, as well as maintaining and strengthening data and knowledge management systems. Prior to joining the Chicago team, Katherine volunteered as a Health Educator with Peer Health Exchange for three years while attending Northwestern University. Katherine graduated from Northwestern with a major in theatre, a concentration in performance, activism, and human rights, and a minor in creative nonfiction writing. Her experience includes serving as the Executive Director of a Northwestern course in consulting for nonprofits, interning for the Alzheimer’s Association and Women’s Global Education Project, leading American teenagers on cultural exchange/service-learning trips to Japan and New Zealand, and studying global development in Ecuador, China, India, and South Africa.

Michelle Maiuri

Michelle is what people call “a handful”. She loves eating, biking, exploring, and being on the go in general. The only thing that can slow her down is Netflix or a good book. After working in China for a few years after college, Michelle made her way to Chicago and has started a career in tech sales for SpringCM. She is dedicated to supporting and empowering women of all ages by working with WGEP, Girls in the Game, Girls on the Run, and more. She also attempts to educate people on women’s plights and rights, whether they like to hear it, or not. Feminist for equality for life!

Alexa McCarthy

Alexa works on marketing and business development for CancerIQ, a Chicago-based health tech startup that helps doctors predict and prevent their patients from getting cancer based on their genetics. Prior to CancerIQ, Alexa studied Journalism and Arts and Humanities at Michigan State Universtiy (’16). Alexa is a Florida transplant who always had a childhood dream of moving to Chicago and has loved every minute of it. In her free time she loves biking around the city, trying new food and volunteering with other organizations dedicated to fighting for women’s rights.


Cassandra Stark


Allegra Ubbes


April 25th, 2016