WGEP Implements Our Sisters Read

Women’s Global Education Project’s Executive Director, Amy Maglio, is in Senegal on a two-week site visit for our new program “Our Sisters Read.” This program, in partnership with USAID, works to improve the literacy of primary school children in the rural Fatik region of Senegal and to instill in them a lifelong love for reading and learning.

Over the past week, Amy has been working closely with WGEP’s local partner, Femme Plus, meeting with local staff and government officials and attending the  first school visit  conducted under the new “Our Sisters Read” Program. Amy visited with students and spoke with teachers and principals to see how the program is advancing. Prior to Amy’s visit, local partner Femme Plus convened a  training session for teachers, principals and tutors on how to most effectively instruct and inspire students to read. 44 people participated in this training: 35 teachers, 7 principals and 2 reading tutors. These participants partook in such activities as creating murals, albums and books to engage students in reading and develop literacy skills.

Tomorrow, Amy, local partner Femme Plus’ Program Director, several local community leaders and USAID officials will be participating in a caravan visiting 6 rural villages to spread awareness of the Our Sisters Read program. The goal is to increase community engagement and to highlight the importance of reading and literacy. Our Sisters Read is generating a lot of interest and enthusiasm in the area which was further boosted by local radio station Radio Niombato’s interview with Amy this weekend! Radio Niombato is widely listened to in the Fatick region of Senegal, which means WGEP’s message is reaching more and more people in the surrounding villages.


Pictured: A Senegalese primary school student holds up a new BLD book provided by WGEP’s program Our Sisters Read. (BLD is a Senegalese association founded by reading specialists, sociologists and educators that seeks to improve communities’ access to libraries and Information & Communications Technology).

May 12th, 2014