WGEP And The Girls Opportunity Alliance Announce “Give Girls The Chance To Dream Big” Fundraising Campaign


For International Women’s Day 2019, WGEP and the Girls Opportunity Alliance announced a fundraising campaign to raise funds for and generate more awareness around girls education in rural Africa. The fundraiser, launched in partnership with GoFundMe, seeks to raise $45,000. These funds will ensure 150 scholarships to help girls get into and stay in school.

Each scholarship covers:

– School fees
– Uniforms
– Textbooks
– Tutoring
– School break workshops, such as computer classes
– Lodging if necessary
– Mosquito nets
– Toiletries
– Psychological support
– Health education and support
– Female genital mutilation (FGM) prevention resources

As one donor who gave to the campaign early on shared, “We donate to WGEP because we truly believe in its mission and grass-roots ethos – and we can see all of the wonderful things the organization is doing to improve the lives of young women. Keep up the amazing work!!”

To learn more and to give to this fundraiser in support of girls’ education, click here. 

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