Thank You for Supporting WGEP Scholars Like Elosy!

Thank you for supporting Women’s Global Education Project and our programs in Senegal and Kenya! Your support helps WGEP provide critical scholarships to hundreds of girls in rural Africa, girls who otherwise would not have the chance to go to school.

One of these beneficiaries is 19-year-old Elosy who graduated high school last year. Elosy was a WGEP Kenya scholar for 4 years during high school, participated in our after-school Molding Clubs from grades 5 through 8, and went through our ARP program to counter FGM/C when she was 14. As a scholar, Elosy received support in the form of school fees, monthly toiletry supplies, tutoring, mentoring and lodging. During our most recent field trip to Kenya, we met with Elosy and learned more about her experience as a WGEP scholar:

Education is important because it gives you more opportunities for a better life and it gives you the power to transform your community. I am so thankful for this gift you have given me. It’s rare that someone can give you something that no one can take away from you. I will be attending Kirinyaga University in the fall, working towards a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. With an education, I can go anywhere and I want to make a change wherever I go.

Thank you for supporting WGEP scholars like Elosy!

June 13th, 2017