Sisters to School

Sisters to School

Sisters to School provides comprehensive scholarships for girls from primary school through university, health education workshops on reproductive health, personal hygiene, violence prevention, after-school clubs for boys and girls promoting gender equality, and regular parent support and community engagement meetings.


Scholarships and
financial support

We identify girls who are most at risk of dropping out and most in need of financial support. We cover the cost of essentials like: academic fees, food, clothing, books, room and board, hygiene items such as menstrual pads, and tutoring for crucial grade-level exams.

After School Clubs & Community Meetings

At after-school clubs, girls and boys discuss issues such as the right to education and development, protection from harmful practices, income generating activities, and how gender equality benefits all. We believe that community involvement is essential to creating lasting change.


Our workshops on reproductive health, STI and HIV prevention, and gender-based violence give girls the knowledge and skills they need to stay healthy and avoid dropping out of school. Our scholars have fewer health-related absences, and OVER 99% of them went on to the next grade level in 2021.



Mame Diarra attends high school in Sokone, Senegal. Thanks to Sisters to School scholarship support, she has gained more confidence and performed well on her exams. Mame Diarra shared what WGEP’s support through the COVID pandemic meant to her: “WGEP provided moral support for me through phone calls, as well as food and toiletries... and hand sanitizer and masks so we could protect ourselves from contracting the virus... My education means everything to me; I know that with my education I will have a bright future. When I grow up I want to become a geological engineer. My dreams are first to finish my studies, to be an engineer, to become a respectable woman, to support my parents, my family, my community, to help people for good and to finish their education!”