Philanthropy Women Shares The Work of Women’s Global Education Project During Women’s History Month

Two recent features in Philanthropy Women, a platform discussing women driving philanthropy.



Philanthropy Women, a home for news and conversation about women donors, highlighted our partnership with the Obama Foundation’s new initiative, the Global Girls Alliance, on International Women’s Day 2019 in an article entitled, “How’s the Obama Foundation Doing with Building the Global Girl’s Alliance?” The article discussed WGEP’s partnership and shared insight as to how and why funders can better bring about an end to FGC/M and help keep girls in school.

“Maglio stressed the need for more funders to recognize the centrality of the issue of FGM in global gender equality work. “We have had a lot of support because our program is holistic and we address all of the issues of why girls aren’t going to school. A number of women donors and family foundations have supported us for a long time.” In addition, last year WGEP received funding from Dining for Women, an organization in the U.S. that helps women pool donations to address global gender issues.”

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Additionally, Philanthropy Women took a closer look at who was funding an end to FGC/M and followed up with a piece that featured WGEP entitled, “How This Nonprofit is Growing Support to End FGM Globally.” This article discussed WGEP’s program, Alternative Rights of Passage (ARP) and highlighted donor Suzanne Kanter who has long supported ARP.

“One donor who has been a passionate long-time supporter of WGEP is Suzanne Kanter. “I have been so impressed with Amy, who understands the complexities of this issue and takes a nuanced approach to changing attitudes about FGM in Kenya in a real and lasting manner. Her work has helped thousands of girls stay healthy and in school.”

Kanter’s advice for other funders who want to make headway on this issue is to seek out organizations like WGEP that take a collaborative approach to changing FGM attitudes and practices, and who have a proven track record of success.”

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