Our Sisters Read

Our Sisters Read

Our Sisters Read builds foundational reading skills and promotes a lifelong love of learning among rural primary school students through access to reading resources and digital literacy. Adult literacy classes and teacher trainings increase community ownership.


Reading activities

Our Sisters Read works to improve the reading skills of primary school children in rural communities of Senegal and Kenya and create lifetime-learners among these students, especially girls. WGEP works to develop teacher training programs and teacher guides to help create fun and engaging reading activities adaptable by grade level. We offer after-school tutoring and use an approach that combines training, technology, creative incentives, and community awareness. 

Adult literacy classes

More than 900 adult women are enrolled in Women’s Global Education Project’s adult literacy classes this year. These groups meet weekly to learn how to read, write, understand numbers and perform basic math. Classes also conduct income generating activities like soap making and tie-dying, so that women can improve their financial position. These classes also provide an important peer support network for women to learn from and engage with other women in their community.

Libraries and ICT centers

WGEP created mobile libraries and community libraries with computer labs that provide access to high quality learning resources to over 10,000 students in rural villages reaching 52 elementary schools.  WGEP designed and implemented activities and interventions that engaged youth in unique ways to create a sense of excitement and engagement about learning. We bridged the gap between home and school by engaging families around the importance of reading using a proven successful community mobilization model. 



Purity is a high school scholar who dreams of becoming a lawyer so that she can fight for the rights of the poor people out of her experience on family land disputes. Her younger sister, Magdalena, is a 3rd grader, who recently joined Purity at a back-to-school meeting for WGEP scholars. Magdalena dreams to follow in her sister’s footsteps as a WGEP scholar, so that she can become a doctor! She is determined to be a doctor because of her mother’s health complications. Purity’s scholarship motivates Magdalenda to work hard so that she can finish primary school, go on to secondary school, and pursue her dreams!