The Goat Project

The “Goat Project” began in 2014 as another incentive in the array of support services offered by WGEP to our girl scholars. The brainchild of Senegal Project Director Mme. Adji Senghor, the idea was born out of necessity to provide a supplemental income source for the families of our poorest scholars.  After assessing economic need, a family is selected to receive a young female goat, on the condition that they raise the goat for breeding and not to consume at a holiday feast!

Goats are fast breeders (150 days on average) and hardy animals who eat just about anything, wandering freely around every village and town in Senegal. They usually sire two kids at a time and when these offspring arrive, they too can be raised for milk production or eventually sold for a profit. Everyone knows which goats belong to whom, but WGEP has decided to “brand” our goats with a red collar. This is another reminder of our powerful mission to provide all means of support possible to sustain the educational opportunities for girls.

So far 20 girls have received goats.  Help award more goats to families in need through this unique initiative with a special donation! 

June 17th, 2014