Scholarship Support

Through our flagship program, Sisters to School, Women’s Global examined the issues that keep girls from accessing education in the communities we serve and developed solutions that address these issues on multiple levels.

The barriers found include:

  • lack of family funds and resources for school fees and supplies
  • bias towards boys and prioritizing education for boys when family funds are limited
  • overreliance on women and girls for household and farm labor
  • frequent school absences from preventable illnesses
  • practices such as early marriage and female genital mutilation
  • the undervaluing of education for girls in general society

The WGEP model for girls’ education is designed to help communities address these factors from the ground up. Our local partners work with girls, their families and their communities to promote the importance of girls’ education, help families work through the obstacles that keep their daughters from going to school, and assist teachers, families and community members in promoting and supporting girls’ education at all levels.

By focusing on strong partnerships with local organizations and community leaders, WGEP seeks to ensure that our programs are culturally relevant and in line with a specific community’s needs and concerns.

WGEP helps more girls enroll in school by providing need-based elementary school scholarships for girls whose families are not able to send them to school because of lack of funds.

WGEP helps more girls stay in school by providing secondary school scholarships to girls who finish elementary school, as well as providing mentoring and after-school tutoring for both our scholars and other girls whose families can afford tuition but need extra help with exam preparation to pass rigorous grade-level exams.


Our Impact

Annually, the Women’s Global Sisters to School scholarship, support and community awareness programs impacts more than 4,000 individuals in 58 rural villages in Senegal and Kenya!

Through Sisters to School, Women’s Global provides:

  • 2,976 scholarships provided thus far to girls who would otherwise not be in school
  • 90% retention rate among our scholars over the past five years
  • More girls are in school in the regions where we work (41%)
  • One-third of our scholars in the top 10% of their classes

Our scholarships to girls in Senegal and Kenya provide full scholarships covering tuition, school fees, supplies, tutoring, mentoring, and room and board if necessary; and partial scholarships for girls already enrolled in school but who still need additional help with school supplies and after-school tutoring.

April 17th, 2013