Libraries & Computer Labs

ICT Centers

In 2016, WGEP, in partnership with USAID, opened a new library and computer center in Sokone and refurbished another center in Toubacouta. These centers serve 7,000 individuals annually! They act as prominent, physical anchors in their communities that signify the vital place reading holds in all learning. The centers serve as beacons of community forwardness—providing much needed and practical services as well as instilling enthusiasm and excitement towards the goal of promoting literacy.

In addition to the computers, tablets and books supplied at the centers, students are supplied with a solar reading lamp. Students are unable to read at night, except for those using dangerous kerosene lighting, limiting their ability to study. In this way, these lamps provide further opportunities for the students to read.

Sokone library and computer center during construction:


Sokone library and computer center completed:


Mobile Labs

Due to the remote location of many villages in the region, mobile labs are necessary to maximize the program beneficiaries. Our two mobile labs, equipped with a small library of books, tablet computers and solar lanterns, allow us to reach school children in the most remote villages who cannot regularly access our main centers in Sokone and Toubacouta. Our mobile labs are staffed with two part-time outreach trainers who work with schools, assisting teachers with integrating resources, programs and creative activities into their classes.

March 11th, 2015