Community Mobilization

WGEP uses a holistic and multi-tiered strategy that engages students, parents and entire communities in addressing the complex issue of girls’ access to education. WGEP has addressed the visible obstacles to school enrollment and the underlying causes by working within communities to change beliefs and attitudes. Through Our Sisters Read, WGEP is now using this same strategy of community engagement, building upon the trust it has garnered in these communities, to promote foundational reading skills of primary school students.

A major goal of Our Sisters Read is to build communities of teachers, parents and leaders that support young girls and boys to increase their reading and technological literacy and educational advancement for their children. Community outreach activities that support adult literacy and parental and community involvement address underlying attitudes towards literacy and promote its importance, particularly for girls. This community mobilization will ultimately contribute to an enduring shift in attitudes towards literacy and girls’ education, and future generations will benefit from a shift in attitudes.

January 27th, 2016