In Her Own Words: Former Scholar Returns as Intern

Martha is a graduate of WGEP’s Sisters to School program in Senegal. After finishing high school and being admitted to university, Martha returned to the program to thank Senegal Program Director Adji Senghor for her support. She wanted to give back in a meaningful way, so she became a summer intern for the program, helping out during her summer break.

Martha was recently interviewed about her experiences and the obstacles she has overcome:

My parents sent me away to Dakar for middle school because they knew I would have better academic opportunities there. I was away from them for 8 years, returning home only during long school breaks. This was very difficult for me because I am very close with my family. I knew they sent me to Dakar because they wanted the best for me, but I missed them so much that I cried everyday. I kept myself busy with studying and working as a maid.

I returned home for high school and was selected as a WGEP Sisters to School scholar for my final year of high school. I received tutoring support to prepare for my final high school exam and performed very well. As a result, I was accepted to Gaston Berger University in Saint Louis, where I will be starting my second year soon. 

I am very proud of where I come from. I never want to forget the people who helped me achieve what I have to-date. That is why I became an intern for the Our Sisters Read and Sisters to School programs. I hope to continue my education and ultimately become a Communications Director for an NGO. I want to communicate the mission and good work of organizations like WGEP to help more girls like me achieve their dreams.

Thank you!



November 22nd, 2016