Guidelines for Third Party Fundraisers and Special Events

Thank you for your support of Women’s Global Education Project!  Donations and gifts to Women’s Global play a key role in allowing us to carry out our mission of helping as many girls as possible get access to a life-changing education. By holding your fundraising event on our behalf, you partner with us in this important work–thank you!

As you begin your planning process, please review the guidelines below:

1. Please refer to our organization as “Women’s Global Education Project,” or, after the first reference, as “Women’s Global,” in any promotional materials.

2. “Women’s Global logos and photos are available upon request for use in promotional materials (but may not be used without our permission).

3. All promotional materials–invitations, press releases, newspaper or newsletter articles, merchandise, etc.–related to an event benefiting Women’s Global must be reviewed and approved by Women’s Global prior to production and distribution.

4. If you want Women’s Global to include your event on our website, please give us the information about your event at least 3 weeks in advance.

5. The Women’s Global fact sheet is available here.

6. While we are able to provide guidance for your event, Women’s Global does not have the personnel to handle administrative tasks of third party events such as distributing invitations, compiling RSVP’s, selling tickets, staffing events, etc.

7. Please check with us before recruiting financial underwriters/sponsors, so that there is no duplication of sponsor outreach.

8. As an organizer of this event, you are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including laws governing fire safety, serving of alcohol, use of trademarks and copyrights, as well as IRS regulations applicable to charitable events. IRS regulations governing charitable deductions are quite specific. If you have questions, we can direct you to relevant IRS publications and other explanatory materials (however we cannot provide legal or tax advice).

9. If you are planning to sell any item(s) as part of your fundraiser, the item(s) must be noncontroversial in nature and be pre-approved by Women’s Global. Proof of insurance satisfactory to Women’s Global will be required for sales of an edible items.

10. If you are planning a sporting event, you must require all participants to sign a waiver/release for the benefit of, and in a form satisfactory to, Women’s Global.

11. Please provide us the event proceeds and details of the accounting within 60 days after your special event. Please include all donor names, addresses, donation amounts, and check numbers so that we can properly account for all donations and thank all the donors. If there are donations made in honor of a person or an event, please include this information also.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 708.415.7410 or email

August 22nd, 2013